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  1. Last 2 rounds of BSB tomorrow

    18 October 2014 - 09:09 PM

    This weekend is the last weekend of BSB (British Super Bikes), at Brands Hatch. First of a 3 round final meet was today and the last 2 rounds are tomorrow. Was billed as being a final battle for the title between Shakey Byrne and Ryuichi Kiyonari, with Byrne going in to the final weekend with a 12 point lead.

    But unfortunately Kiyonari highsided in morning practice and ended up with an undisplaced fracture of the left collarbone ruling him out of todays race, although Alex Lowes seemed to think he could have manned up and rode as it was a wet race and would take less toll on the body :pardon: Not sure I'd have fancied it.

    So that looked like it was going to be handed to Shakey on a plate even if Kiyo managed to make it to the grid for the 2 races tomorrow......... but then Shakey lowsided in todays race. No injuries for Shakey so he should be fully fit tomorrow, riding against an injured Kiyo, but at least it means that there is a slight possibility for a battle for the title still.

    More twists and turns than an episode of Hollyoaks :rolleyes:

    Catch tomorrows races on Eurosport 2, programme starting at 11:30am
  2. Biker Forum Charity Event 2015 ?

    16 October 2014 - 09:36 PM

    So with various discussions taking place recently about the forum being quiet, wanting to attract new members, and wanting new challenges and experiences, I thought it time to come up with some ideas.

    I also feel that we should remember the man who founded this forum and to make him proud of something it has achieved we should do something for charity, specifically for 'OcuMel UK' which I believe from memory was the particular charity which Nigel supported after being sadly diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma Cancer.

    I have discussed this concept with the forum staff and they are happy for me to put the word out to you folk and see what you think and what your ideas might be.

    My idea that I had was to run a bike banger rally type event. This is what I envisiage in my somewhat muddled up head:

    • Buy a bike under a value of say £250
    • Bikes to be restricted to a max cc of 125 in order that the playing field is equal, its more affordable, and can also include CBT only riders. It could also cover mopeds, scooters, classics, sports, and cruisers
    • Get your bike prepared and repaired (spend as much or as little on it after purchasing as you want)
    • People could enter as individuals or teams
    • All entrants to have a theme to their bike / themselves - i.e. superhero, dambusters, top gear, ghostbusters etc
    • Rally to consist of a 4-5 day event
    • Location to be perhaps a Scottish island-hopping theme (keeps it easier and cheaper keeping in the UK)
    • Different events / tasks each day such as photo challenges, power tests, time trial, treasure hunt
    • Big party / dinner on the last night to give out awards and prizes
    • Volunteers required to help with organising and to provide a support crew - I for example could use my van to help collect peoples bikes and stuff to take to the start line, and follow the rally carrying luggage and parts and tools etc
    • There would be an individual / team entry fee to pay which would cover some costs
    • Entrants would then be required to raise sponsorship money for completing the event and we could split each persons raised sponsorship between OcuMel UK and the charity of your / their choice.

    This would give a good focus for people, provide new challenges and experiences, get people from the forum meeting, generate lots of threads with bike purchases, builds, and repairs, and then general chat and banter. It could also be used as an advertisement to draw more people in to this forum in order to become part of this event as we all know other bikers that are not part of this community but whom would probably be interested in an exciting and new challenge like this, I know I do.

    So that is my idea. What do you think?

    Do you guys have any ideas yourself of something we could do?
  3. Ivan Lintin @ Scarborough Gold Cup 2014

    06 October 2014 - 07:02 AM

    Just been watching the highlights on Eurosport from the '2014 Scarborough International Steve Henshaw Gold Cup' and Ivan Lintin did exceptionally well with probably his best event finishes ever winning 4 or 5 of the races. Good to see a rider really improve (even if Guy Martin and Dean Harrison weren't riding).

    But is it just me or is he just a little unlikeable? Its almost like he is just really dull and therefore no real personality to like with him :mellow:
  4. Lets get the comments out on here about it then

    04 October 2014 - 04:45 PM

    If anyone has seen my for sale ad I have just put up for the GSXF 600 FY with the massive pizza box on the bag, then I am sure some of you are dying to comment. But rather than commenting on the for sale thread you can throw your abuse at this thread instead :thumbsu:

    So here she is. The fuller figured lady with a few lumps and bumps and imperfections. Doesn't wash too often and is a bit grubby, but who has the monster of all Beyonce loving junk trunks:
  5. FS: 2001 Suzuki GSXF 600 FY

    04 October 2014 - 04:41 PM

    Well what on earth can I say about this fugly barsteward?.......... first I will say that 2.5% of any sale done through the forum, will be donated to the forum towards its running costs.

    So here for sale I have the mother of all winter hacks; 2001 Suzuki GSXF 600 FY


    40,640 miles.... just bedded in
    11.5 months MOT
    Sweet running motor with no knocks, bangs, funny noises, nothing.
    Brand new rear shock fitted for MOT
    Recent new fork seals
    Recent new head bearings
    Nearly new tyres
    Rides really well and handles good to

    Very comfy seat and riding position with a beautiful back support when you stop at the lights
    Worlds largest topbox fashioned from an aircraft case and solid bolted on to the bike.... just think how many pizzas you could fit in it if you applied at Pizza Hut with your own bike (topbox can be removed if required though)
    Additional capacity for carrying, in the form of the free Oxford pannier bags
    Oxford heated grips fitted and fully working
    Aftermarket exhaust fitted (and painted black) which gives a real throaty sports bike sound
    Its big, bulbous, and fugly....... so who would want to nick it?
    Has been used through winters so no need to worry about keeping shiny bits shiny
    Has probably the worlds most technologically advanced, multi-coloured, double bubble screen
    The list is just endless really


    Well every bike has them, even this one would you believe.

    Previously a CAT D in 2006 ...... lets face it though, if you were an insurance company and a pristine one of these came in, you would still think it was beyond economical cosmetic repair
    Small dint in tank..... around where the stickers are placed which I assume is to take your eyes away from the dint
    Its big fat and ugly.... no, that was a plus point wasn't it! Scratch that one!
    Has a euro headlight unit fitted so beam bounces up wrong direction. Can be easily solved as we did for the MOT with some tape, but the tape we used has now come off (probably didn't want to be associated with the bike)
    Its got some signs of rust and various bumps and scrapes on the bodywork

    Basically it is what it is; a good solid, reliable, and safe bike that is mechanically sound but cosmetically challenged. Cheap and totally usable as a winter hack or daily rider, or as a project bike for you to mess about with and try improve the cosmetics of if you wanted.

    PRICE: £675


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    01 May 2012 - 08:56
    Its all about the GREEN :-)
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    21 Mar 2011 - 10:34
    Hey thanks again for the advice it's really helped....x
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    dave_cupra R 

    03 Sep 2010 - 21:38
    hi mate how u been
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    24 Aug 2010 - 15:00
    Ey up pal One to try out maybe.... [url=]Drop Raise Services[/url] My cousin owns the shop, i've seen the bike close up and although not mint its really nice and i'm thinking a much more upright position for you but still plenty of squirt...V twin as well , so lovely noise... Well gotta start the looking somewhere Tim
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    05 Aug 2010 - 16:15
    James lucky boy!!
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